As of Thursday, Sept. 19, the CDC has reported 530 confirmed and probable cases in 38 states of severe acute respiratory distress syndrome possibly associated with a recently inhaled drug aerosol (commonly known as vaping). As many as eight patients may have died from the condition. The deaths occurred in Illinois, Oregon, Indiana, California (2), Minnesota, Kansas, and Missouri. Here’s what you need to know.

Should I Stop Vaping?

  • If you own illicit vape cartridges, throw them away immediately. The CDC, FDA, and HHS advised consumers Thursday to avoid buying cannabis vapes or using products off the street. They are unregulated, untested, and are often contaminated.
  • If you purchase an illicit market disposable vaporizer cartridge—either THC or nicotine—and it’s filled with the wrong additive at the wrong amount, using it carries the risk of immediately injuring your lungs. Up to eight patients may have died as a result of tainted cartridges.

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