The five deaths and 450 cases of vaping-associated pulmonary injury (VAPI) believed to be associated with vaping this summer are mostly a problem of the illicit market for THC vape carts.

But regulators in states with adult-use or medical cannabis legalization are using the health crisis to identify and fix gaps in their systems.

On Monday, New York state health officials issued subpoenas for information from vape pen oil additive makers.

In California, Oregon, and Washington, state officials face newfound scrutiny of their lists of acceptable additives in vape carts.

And the $52 billion US cannabis industry, only 22% of which is legal and regulated, is offering new tests for additives, while manufacturers are distancing themselves from their use.

Additive Issue Comes to a Boil

The issue of mysterious, potentially harmful additives in THC extracts has been simmering for years. The injuries this summer have brought industry practices to a boil.

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