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As most of our readers know, Cigar Coop passed on going to TPE 21. We explained the reasons last week. There just wasn’t enough time to get vaccinated and prepare properly to cover a Trade Show. In the interim we continued our product coverage, had numerous conversations with attendees, and had a live broadcast with our friends from How Bout That Cigar (HBTC) to get a view of the Trade Show. Cigar Coop will plan on being at TPE 22.

Our job at Cigar Coop is media. For major events, we do like to recap, reflect, and do some Monday Morning Quarterbacking. It’s very hard and in some cases unfair to do when you are not there. Since we did have numerous conversations with attendees and did partner with HBTC for our broadcast, I thought it would be good to recap what was learned. I’ve attended TPE in the past, so I can put certain things in context. There is more of an emphasis on the positives here because it’s unfair to criticize an event I was not at.

Everybody’s Happy, Part 2: Vibe of the Trade Show was Positive

Last year, I reported that at TPE 21, “Everybody’s Happy”. While much of the planet is still coming out of a pandemic, the mood was incredibly positive. All of the conversations I had with manufacturers emphasized this positive vibe. All of the video coverage reflected a positive vibe as well. Even with some mask enforcement as a part of the landscape, I heard no complaints.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many wondered if going virtual in the cigar would be a replacement for an in-person event. The mood out of TPE 21 was that the cigar industry was very much hungry for a major in-person event.

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