1. How to Market Luxury
While hotels and beach clubs are different from a Montecristo cigar, they have something in common—they both require luxury lifestyle marketing. When he worked for Nikki Beach, hotels and beach clubs often did major promotions, as well as activations with big liquor brands, watch companies, car and boat manufacturers, and other luxury brands. Guerra got to see firsthand how these brands marketed and brought their visions to life.
“It taught me so much about how to read consumers, how to get in their mind, and how to draw them in enough to believe in your brand and feel happy to share that with their friends,” he says. “It also taught me that marketing a lifestyle and tying in multiple brands helps you reach consumers easier than just marketing a single product.”

Many luxury brands have an immense heritage and history defined by tradition and high quality, especially within the premium tobacco category. As a Cuban-American whose family grew tobacco in Cuba, Guerra confesses that he feels he has a bit more responsibility to honor the heritage surrounding these well-known tobacco brands he works with at Altadis U.S.A.

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