Part 3 of Tobacco Business Magazine’s special feature “The Fantastic Four,” which looks at the cigar making super team behind Davidoff Cigars. In this part, we take a look at Manuel Peralta, Oettinger Davidoff’s chief agronomist.
Manuel Peralta: The Tobacco Whisperer

Those strict quality-control standards extend far beyond the factory and begin with every tobacco seed that Tabadom plants, every priming the company pulls from its fields, every leaf that it hangs in its curing barns and every pilon of fermenting tobacco. Producing the best tobacco takes patience and requires an uncanny ability to determine what the tobacco is telling its producers. With 47 years of experience growing and processing tobacco, Peralta is Tabadom’s chief agronomist. Having known no other career, Peralta possesses a depth of knowledge and experience that is nearly unrivaled in the premium tobacco industry, and it’s a job that has given him a lot of pleasure throughout the years.

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