New Jersey legislators have voted to ban vaping products with flavors other than tobacco. The law covers both pod- and cartridge-based products and bottled e-liquid. The flavor ban bill passed the Senate 22-15, and the Assembly 53-11, according to

Multiple bills were passed today. In addition to the flavor ban, the state will double its taxes on vaping products, require adult signature on delivery for online sales, cap nicotine content at two percent (20 mg/ml), and prohibit coupons and price rebates. The state will also increase penalties for sales to those under 21.

The law now goes to Gov. Phil Murphy, who must sign it into law by Jan. 21. Murphy has indicated that he will support the flavor ban.

There is a 90-day delay before the law goes into effect. Advocates say there is a good possibility that a bill could be passed in the next 90 days exempting vape shops from the flavor ban. Enough legislators expressed doubts about the bills’ small business-killing components to possibly swing a majority for a fix to the new laws as they apply to vape shops.

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