GREAT BARRINGTON, MA — On a recent Wednesday afternoon, the wait to get inside Theory Wellness was breezy: just 30 minutes. On weekends, it can take up to two hours to get into the town’s first and only adult-use cannabis shop.

Long lines are still common in Massachusetts, where only 22 stores have opened statewide since legal sales began in November 2018. And with its wide-ranging menu and welcoming ambiance, Theory Wellness is understandably a customer favorite. Yet there’s an additional factor working in the shop’s favor: Theory Wellness sits only a few miles from the border with New York—where cannabis remains illegal.

When Massachusetts cannabis shops first opened their doors, both New Yorkand New Jersey seemed on the cusp of legalization. Polls showed a strong majority of voters in support, and newly elected governors in both states pledged to get it done. But as those plans fell through, Massachusetts transformed. Rather than a novel trip for out-of-towners to visit a legal pot shop, it became a go-to source for residents of nearby states to pick up their stash.
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