Call your bookie, lay the bet. In late 2018 the Leafly News team made 24 predictions for the new year—and a fat 68% of them came true. Take that, Nostradamus!

While we totally whiffed on Illinois going legal and New Jersey keeping prohibition alive, we nailed California’s spotty legalization rollout, plus the strains of 2019 and the eco-packaging movement.

Back-patting aside, it’s time to tackle 2020. Where will federal cannabis policy go? What will be the strain of 2020? We’re not backing down from the future—we’re calling it.

Here are Leafly’s 2020 cannabis predictions.

1. Strains gushing with flavor

We see the dessert strain craze extend its run with scrumptious, high-THC strains like Lava Cake and Vanilla Frosting gaining ground in 2020. Leave room for candy, though—Watermelon Zkittlez, Runtz, Gushers, and related crosses will all surge. Also, look for the backlash to dessert—savory “Breath” strains like Garlic Breath and GMO Cookies.

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