Riste Ristevski is a self-proclaimed computer nerd. He’s worked in the IT field since 1999 and as a consultant on the enterprise level since 2002. He holds several certifications, including VMware, Cisco, certified ethical hacker and certified cloud security professional. In addition to his passion for computers and the IT field, Ristevski also loves cigars, so much so that he has his own boutique cigar brand, Jas Sum Kral. Ristevski has been smoking cigars on and off since 1999. He recalls his uncle giving him his first “gas station” cigar, which kickstarted his love affair with cigars. For Ristevski, he had a dream of having his own brand, but he wanted to go deeper into the process, going so far as knowing the source of the tobaccos that would be used in the blend.

“I went far and created my own blend—down to sourcing my own tobacco from various farms and warehouses around Nicaragua. I wasn’t going to half-ass it and just become a glorified ‘sales jockey,’ as I call them,” Ristevski explains.

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