The rumors started spreading on Monday at around 1:00 p.m. Then came a disturbing tweet from Paul Blair of Americans for Tax Reform, one of the best-connected conservative vaping proponents in Washington.

“I’m hearing troubling information that a flavored vape ban is truly being considered by the Trump admin, with an announcement expected as early as today,” said Blair. “It’s important that people let @realDonaldTrump @SecAzar @SteveFDA how destructive to jobs and health that would be!”

Blair sounded the alarm the last time the White House threatened a flavor ban too. And like the last time, he began tweeting at Trump and his campaign manager Brad Parscale a state-by-state breakdown of how Trump could lose the 2020 presidential election by banning vape flavors.

The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) asked for engagement too, signalling that the warning was a credible threat. Vapers shared the news on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Some online vendors, like Minnesota e-liquid manufacturer The Plume Room, sent urgent messages to customers asking them to call the White House. People said the White House phones were very busy.

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