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Exhibitor Toolkit

Make the most of TPE! You need all the opportunities you can get to promote your presence at TPE on social networks, in print, and through email. Never mind our myriad paid branding opportunities available to you, TPE is absolutely committed to providing our valued exhibitors with a range of totally free benefits to build awareness of your company, brand, and products. We do this with a free Exhibitor Toolkit and digital assets for a free media kit in the links below.

Exhibitor Profile

Digital Assets

TPE20 Branding


Press Release


Email Template


Email Signature


Marketing Assets


Exhibitor Tips

Make Your Booth Inviting2019-03-27T18:43:22-07:00

MAKE your display stand out!
DEVELOP a video or slide show presentation!
PROVIDE quality giveaways!
PREPARE! TPE is a selling show so be ready!
KNOW your audience—and what they need to know about you, your company,and your products!

On-Site Signage2019-03-27T18:42:23-07:00

SMALLER booth spaces are best served by using the back wall as a billboard. Focus on the features and benefits of your product(s) and what makes your product better than competing products. At 100 feet, customers should be able to see your logo; at 10 they should be able to see your message; and at 1 foot the customer should be experiencing a live demo of your product(s).

Email Signature2019-03-27T18:41:49-07:00

ADD custom email signatures with your booth number to emails letting customers know you’ll be at TPE with a link for them to register. Find digital assets here: tobaccoplusexpo.com/exhibitor-resources.

Your Website2019-03-27T18:41:08-07:00

UPDATE your company website with the TPE digital assets provided on our website at tobaccoplusexpo.com/exhibitor-resources. Let cus-tomers—and potential customers—know you’ll be at TPE! Include your booth number and let people know to visit you at TPE, Las Vegas, February 11–13, 2019.

Social Media2019-03-27T18:40:22-07:00

Make sure when you post to use #TPE20 & #tobaccoplusexpo

LEVERAGING your social media to connect with your customers is one of the most effective—and easiest—ways to extend your trade show presence, create new communities, share key messages, and raise awareness and business opportunities beyond the exhibit hall. It’s not only a great way to announce your attendance at TPE, but it’s also free. We have created dig-ital assets for use across the social media spectrum. Get them here: tobaccoplusexpo.com/exhibitor-resources.

Make Your Booth Easy To Find2019-03-27T18:38:53-07:00

COMPLETE your online profile with the products you will be displaying and selling from your TPE booth, as well as any show floor deals or discounts. There are many low-priced, pre-show, and at-show marketing opportunities to increase your presence at the show.

Start Early2019-03-27T18:38:18-07:00

IN most cases, exhibitors who start theirmarketing and planning early have the best success and return on investment at TPE. Whether you arean exhibitor or an attendee, trade shows take planning and scheduling; the more time you have to do both, the better your chances for a successful show.

Invite Customers For Free2019-03-27T20:44:04-07:00

HAVE customers enter your booth number as a promo code when they register. They’ll get into the show and educational sessions for free!

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