In-Booth Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling Appointments

You are now able to schedule appointments with retailers prior to the show, all within your exhibitor portal and TPE app. You can browser all attendees, favorite them, and connect via email or by scheduling an in-booth appointment. Make sure to have your categories selected for your company as attendees will be able to search and filter by category when requesting appointments with you.  Another great feature is the smart recommendations, which are rated recommended attendees based on your criteria and they’re set criteria.

Getting Started

Step 1: Log Into Exhibitor Portal

In order to set and accept appointments, you will need to log into your exhibitor portal.  This is where you’ll control your profile and appointments.


Step 2: Select Your Product Categories


Attendees use product categories when searching for exhibitors through the exhibitor list or event map. Add product categories to your profile to appear in more attendee searches.

Click Company Profile and scroll down until you see a list of available categories to select.  You can choose more than one.

Step 3: Browse Attendee List


Search the registered attendee list now available in your exhibitor console.  Review your attendee leads and recommendations to get a jump start on connecting with valuable leads.  Connect with them via email and schedule in-booth appointments. It’s never been easier to connect with attendees!

Step 4: Schedule an Appoinment

Don’t delay! Invite your top tier attendee leads to your booth by clicking the calendar icon beside an attendee’s information on the registered attendee list. Manage your appointments on the CALENDAR in your exhibitor console.

Appointment Settings

A. Select appointment date
B. Select start time
C. Select end time
D. Choose your location
E. Your message to attendee
F. Your personal (internal) note(s)
G. Request appointment
H. Sort appointments by day
I. Available time blocks for appointments (white)
J. Appointment requests (fuchsia)

Color Legend

White = Available timeslot
Green = Scheduled appointment
Yellow = Personal appointments
Fuchsia = Appointment request
Beige = Blocked timeslot
Grey = Restricted timeslot