Kretek International, Inc., the largest importer, marketer and distributor of specialty tobacco products in the U.S., has announced the formation of a new company–DRYFT Sciences, LLC. This new operating company will focus exclusively on DRYFT nicotine pouches, a popular oral nicotine product that Kretek has been distributing in the U.S. since July 2016. The newly formed DRYFT Sciences will lead the national rollout of DRYFT nicotine pouches through expanded production, distribution and marketing efforts.

Jason Carignan, Kretek’s chief marketing officer, has been named as the President of DRYFT Sciences and will be shifting his responsibilities and focus at Kretek to help steer and grow DRYFT Sciences.

“The time is right for DRYFT nicotine pouches,” says Carignan. “With changing consumer behaviors and retail trends, the oral nicotine category is growing rapidly around the world. We predicted the broad shift away from traditional tobacco products and launched DRYFT nicotine pouches in July 2016. Our initial sales and marketing efforts proved very successful with consumers and retailers, and we recognized the need to create a new company focused solely on realizing our vision of bringing innovative nicotine solutions to the broader market.”

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