As plain packaging legislation begins to grip the tobacco industry abroad, the importance and value of good design becomes even more clear. Packaging and design are oftentimes the hook and bait beyond a brand’s name in capturing the attention of a consumer. Whether it’s a bold color choice or an elaborate band that shimmers under a humidor’s light, the way a company chooses to visually represent and communicate its brand’s message is a key sales tool that many companies often don’t fully take advantage of.

Cigar Package Design (CPD) is a creative agency based in Miami, Florida, that has made cigar design and marketing its primary business. CPD is dedicated to fulfilling the branding, packaging and marketing needs of the premium cigar industry. In 2014, Humberto Areas officially launched CPD, but even before its latest incarnation Areas spent over a decade assisting various premium cigar brands with their advertising needs.

“My goal with CPD was and still is to solve a problem and fill a void often found in small- to medium-sized cigar companies, and that is the lack of creative individuals who can come in and offer their branding and packaging design services,” Areas explains.

Over the years, Areas’ list of clientele has included such companies as Torano Family Cigar Company, Villiger Cigars, General Cigar Company, Fratello Cigars, Aganorsa Leaf, HVC Cigars, Duran Cigars, Southern Draw Cigars, Flor de Gonzalez and Casa Cuevas Cigars. From working with these various companies, Areas has learned that every cigar company has a great story to tell. These stories often include elements of family, passion, craftsmanship and a love for tobacco. Areas believes that every manufacturer wants to document their story and put their fingerprint on the cigar industry. As a designer, he’s been tasked with bringing their stories and values to life through visual design. Now he’s sharing his creative process and revealing how manufacturers can best utilize design to help sell their brands.

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