CBD Policy

TPE’s Policy on Cannabidiol (CBD)

TPE follows the rules and policies of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).  The LVCC provides in its Building User’s Manual, in section 19, that respecting CBD and Marijuana, the tenant (and therefore all persons, visitors, exhibitors, and personnel) “must comply with all federal laws”, which are the laws of the United States.  Hemp and hemp derived products containing not more than 0.3% THC were federally legalized under the Agricultural Act of 2018.  CBD derived from marijuana, however, is still considered under the laws of the United States to be a controlled substance and illegal under the Controlled substance Act, and therefore prohibited from the LVCC. Exhibitors with CBD products that follow the federal regulations must follow all federal laws, including the regulations of the FDA under the FD&C Act. Even if a CBD product meets the definition of “hemp” under the 2018 Farm Bill, it still must comply with all other applicable laws, including the FD&C Act.

Exhibitors will be allowed to sample their products on the show floor, subject to compliance with the laws of the United States and State of Nevada.  For further questions or advice, please consult with your own attorney. Exhibitors exhibiting CBD products indemnify TPE and the LVCC from any liability from claims and actions against it as a result of its or their CBD sampling and exhibitions of CBD products.

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